Case Farms
Poultry processor teams with ProcessMAP Corp. to further protect workforce.

TROUTMAN, N.C. – Sunrise, Florida-based ProcessMAP Corp. has announced that poultry farming and processing company, Case Farms, is adopting its cloud software platform for Risk and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management to enhance the safety of workers on the job. Case Farms will use the EDGE solution designed for growing businesses.

“We applaud Case Farms’ commitment to employee health and safety,” said Jagan Garimella, chief technology officer at ProcessMAP.  “With ProcessMAP’s EDGE Solution, designed specifically for growing businesses, Case farms is positioning itself to yield quick health and safety wins by rapidly deploying an out-of-the-box solution with embedded best practices.”

The reasons Case Farms chose to implement ProcessMAP’s EDGE solution include:

  • Providing employees with the safest workplace possible
  • Centralizing and automating safety management processes across the organization
  • Mitigating recordable incidents and controlling risk by harnessing the power of big data to track, trend, and correlate workplace safety data — enabling smarter decisions
  • Ensuring compliance with OSHA’s workplace safety standards
  • Decreasing lag time and managing safety on-the-go with an online/offline mobile platform
  • Getting actionable insights to reduce workers’ compensation costs through seamless data exchange with third-party administrators

“With facilities nationwide, operationalizing our commitment to worker health and safety across the company using manual, paper-based processes was virtually impossible. Adopting ProcessMAP equips Case Farms to proactively improve safety management procedures, ensure compliance, and elevate our safety program to excellence,” said Rick Barton, director of safety at Case Farms. “The leadership team and I are excited about the insights we’ll garner from ProcessMAP’s analytics, empowering us to make informed decisions to mitigate safety risk.”

With operations and offices in North Carolina and Ohio, Case Farms processes 2.9 million birds per week and more than 3,200 employees produce over 900 million lbs. of fresh, partially cooked, and frozen-for-export poultry products per year.

ProcessMAP Corp. provides cloud-based enterprise software solutions to manage risk in employee health and safety; environment and sustainability; and enterprise compliance. Headquartered in Sunrise, Florida, the company serves customers in 125 countries around the world.