OTTAWA, ONTARIO – The Canadian Pork Council has implemented a new board structure, moved to a new office in downtown Ottawa and unveiled a new corporate logo.

"This announcement represents a fresh perspective and an enhanced commitment to the Canadian swine industry," said Jurgen Preugchas, president of the CPC. "Many exciting changes are underway at the CPC and I know the results will further strengthen and support the Canadian swine industry as one of Canada's most successful and dynamic agri-food sectors."

A new CPC structure starts operating this month. The work of the CPC will be directed by an 11-member board that will meet more frequently than the previous board. As part of the re-structuring, a comprehensive strategic work plan, outlining the various activity areas of the CPC, has been completed. This plan clearly defines responsibility areas between the CPC and its members.

"We are exited about the revitalization that is taking place at the CPC and know that the changes will provide a more collaborative working environment for our members," stated Martin Rice, Executive Director of the Canadian Pork Council. "We see the new board structure and corporate identity as a positive and necessary step for the council's growth."

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