DEVAULT, Pa. – Known for working behind the scenes to allow its foodservice customers to take the credit for its premium protein products, Devault Foods rolled out a choice of signature Angus burgers on Feb. 28. For the past 70 years, the company has evolved as a manufacturer of center of the plate proteins with a specialty in burgers. This expertise is behind the launch of three premium burgers that are custom blends of Angus beef. They include: Angus Chuck-Brisket-Short Rib; Angus Brisket-Short Rib; and Angus Ribeye. Available fresh or individually-quick-frozen (IQF), the signature burgers are a culmination of Devault’s expertise and reputation in the foodservice segment and the Fillippo family’s heritage, according to a statement announcing the new products.

“Our competitive advantage is our ability to consistently blend a high quality, great-tasting burger,” said Brett Black, president and CEO.

“Today’s announcement brings together Devault Foods’ history, commitment and experience in creating America’s favorite meals with a signature seal,” the company states.