House raeford
One rescue worker was injured in the overnight blaze at the poultry plant.

TEACHEY, NC – A fire reported late on Feb. 25 at House of Raeford Farms Inc.’s Wallace poultry processing plant caused one injury to a first responder and damaged the facility to the point that officials announced operations would cease “until further notice.”

There was no production at the plant at the time the fire was reported. The company also announced the 675 employees at plant, which spans approximately 95,500 sq. ft., will continue to receive their regular pay as investigators look into the cause and damage caused by the blaze.

The company said in a statement that plant managers and emergency response teams in the area quickly secured the scene, ensured everyone’s safety and worked together to control the fire.

“We commend plant officials and emergency response teams for their incredible efforts to follow protocol and manage the situation,” according to the company.

House of Raeford Farms operates eight plants in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Louisiana.