Tyson Chop
Chairman's Reserve Prime Pork is hand-selected and hand-trimmed.

DALLAS – Visitors to the Annual Meat Conference Product Tasting Reception on Feb. 20 will have the opportunity to sample the newest addition to the Tyson Fresh Meats’ lineup — Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork.

Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork is an all-natural, minimally processed, hand-selected and hand-trimmed line of fresh pork by Tyson Foods subsidiary, Tyson Fresh Meats. The pork features optimal marbling, coloring and pH which allow retailers and restaurants to provide a consistent eating experience to their customers.

“Our retail and foodservice customers have long associated the Chairman’s Reserve brand with exceptional quality,” said Kent Harrison, vice president of premium programs and marketing for Tyson Fresh Meats. “They are looking for a consistent pork product to deliver a tender, juicy and flavorful experience for their customers, and we believe this new brand exceeds those expectations.”