Ocean Harvest Technology launches new feed ingredient as alternative to antibiotics.

CHICAGO – Pork producers looking to protect the health of their animals, and possibly reduce the use of antibiotics at the same time, should look to the ocean – or more specifically to seaweed, according to the developers of a new feed. Ocean Harvest Technology has announced the launch of OceanFeed Swine in North America, a patented, all-natural, seaweed-based animal feed ingredient. According to Ocean Harvest Technology, OceanFeed provides immune support, improves feed intake and increases production, weight gain and fertility in multiple species.

“As the first patented, all-natural, seaweed-based, animal feed ingredient, OceanFeed is already being utilized by farmers around the world to improve the health of animals and we are delighted to be officially bringing OceanFeed Swine to North America,” said Patrick Martin, co-Founder and CEO of the company. “Innovative approaches to improving animal health are critical to the future of the food industry and OceanFeed is the first natural, cost-effective tool of its kind that helps solve many of the most pressing issues.”

Benefits of using the feed, according to the company include reducing the need for antibiotics, decreasing mortality rates and improving fertility and production yields.

David Newman Ph.D., farmer and co-owner of Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire Pork and associate professor of animal sciences at Arkansas State Univ. vouches for the seaweed-based product.

“I was initially skeptical about OHT’s claims, but our data indicates that OceanFeed Swine has a positive impact on gut health and immunity, without affecting performance or pork quality,” he said.