ADDISON, Texas – Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers’ partnership with Long Range Systems’ Table Tracker technology gives the fast-casual chain the ability to get food to the table faster, enhance customer experience and do more direct marketing targeting diners. Also, wait staffs report higher tips with the system, resulting in more motivated employees.

Before utilizing Table Tracker, Jerry Built called out customer names and the customer retrieved their own orders. "Once we decided that we wanted to mesh the fine dining experience with quick service, we knew we needed a better system," said Chad Glauser, CEO and president of Jerry Built.

Glauser and the Jerry Built team experienced Table Tracker at another establishment. After the exposure to the system and some research, Glauser and his team moved forward with Table Tracker.

"After installing Table Tracker, the benefits to the customer experience were clear - no more calling out people's names, customers can sit down and not have to get up and get anything, and they're getting their food faster," Glauser said.

Table Tracker also provided Jerry Built the opportunity to direct market to customers at the table. There’s a better chance that customers will engage with Jerry Built marketing at the table, Glauser said. Logging on and connecting to a WiFi hotspot allows customers to receive communications from the restaurant.

The staff reacted positively to Table Tracker, as well. "Our previous way was inefficient, so our staff welcomed the change," Glauser said. "They don't have to wander to find a table number because Table Tracker already tells them where the customer is. Another result we noticed is that our staff started getting tipped more for clearing tables, which they like."