WASHINGTON – Officials with the National Chicken Council (NCC) predict Americans’ consumption of chicken wings during this year’s Super Bowl to reach 1.33 billion according to its annual report. The NCC’s recently released Wing Report states an increase in consumption of 2 percent, or 30 million more wings, over 2016.

For a visual of what 1.33 billion chicken wings looks like:

• If 1.33 billion wings were laid end to end, they would stretch from Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta almost 80 times.

• 1.33 billion wings is enough to circle the Earth almost three times.

• Weighing in at about 166.25 million lbs., 1.33 billion wings weigh 338 times more than the combined weight of all 32 NFL teams.

• Eating two wings per minute, it would take an NFL player 1,265 years, 80 days, 7 hours and 12 minutes to eat 1.33 billion chicken wings.

According to NPD Group data, the millennial demographic consumes the most chicken wings with 18-24 year olds consuming approximately 61 percent more wings than any other age group.

The NCC estimates 75 percent of the wings consumed during the Super Bowl will come from restaurants/foodservice outlets and the remaining 25 percent from grocery retailers.