MALVERN, Pa. – Portion-controlled meat processing company, Devault Foods announced longtime President Tom Fillippo has assumed the position of chairman of the board. COO Bret Black will assume the roles of president and CEO and Thomas W. Fillippo has been promoted to executive vice president.

Tom Fillippo served as president of the company since 1970. Black will be the third person in the company’s history to hold the titles of president and CEO. Black and Thomas W. Fillippo will continue to work with Michael Zacco, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Rick Cheri, director of operations and the finance team to fulfill the long-term vision for Devault Foods.

“Devault Foods is rapidly growing into an unrivaled company with operational excellence,” said Tom Fillippo in a statement. “I have strong confidence in Brett, Thomas and the leadership team to successfully carry the Fillippo family legacy into the distant future.”

“No business lasts over the long haul if it can’t re-invent itself to address the evolving preferences and needs of its customers.” Black said.