Agri Beef
Course offers perspective of beef production from ranch to table.

BOISE, Idaho – The family owned integrated beef company, Agri Beef, has launched a free online education resource for chefs, students and culinary educators. The course, “Ranch to Table,” provides a complete view of the lifecycle beef takes through its journey to the table.

Designed as both a classroom tool and for personal development, the course is broken into four self-paced modules that give participants a comprehensive look at ranching, cattle feeding, beef processing and grading, and beef fabrication and distribution. Completion of the coursework gives participants eligibility for 15 continuing education hours through the American Culinary Federation and access to the materials for use in classrooms.

“Now more than ever consumers have a curiosity and interest in knowing where their food comes from and how it is raised,” said Jay Theiler, executive director of marketing at Agri Beef in a statement. “We recognize that chefs and culinary professionals are the trusted sources for diners and shoppers so we created this resource to supplement their existing knowledge and give greater insight into our industry and how beef gets to their prep tables.”

Agri Beef developed the course through collaboration with culinary educators from around the country and with restaurant and culinary school consultant Chef Paul Sorgule of Harvest America Ventures, who said, “With the thoughtful approach that went into developing this robust resource, I am confident that it will help to make a difference in culinary education.”

More information about the program is available at: