OTTAWA, Ontario – Six cows tested positive for bovine tuberculosis (TB), but all the cases are still from one infected herd, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) recently reported. Approximately 50 premises remain under quarantine and movement controls, and the total number of animals quarantined remains at approximately 26,000, including the infected herd.

Compensation teams continue to meet with cattle producers to help expedite claims. Meanwhile, CFIA has completed on-farm testing on all infected premises. The agency said locations that housed the infected herd will undergo an assessment so that CFIA can develop decontamination plans and issue property owners an Order to Clean and Disinfect.

“The investigation is progressing but the nature of the disease itself means that the investigation will also be lengthy and complex,” CFIA said in a statement. “We must complete testing, tracing and cleaning and disinfection.

“Highly trained veterinarians, laboratory scientists, and front-line inspectors as well as a team of experts in the cattle industry, animal health, communications and international markets are all working together to ensure this investigation is undertaken with as much thoroughness and efficiency as possible.”