SAN FRANCISCO – A taste of Taiwan is coming to Costco club stores. HTY USA, a producer of small-batch Asian-style jerky and meat products, announced that Costco will be the first retailer to carry the company’s Sweet Beef Jerky.

HTY’s beef jerky distinguishes its products by highlighting the soft and tender texture of the meat which is cooked with a fruit-based glaze, according to the company.

“We have over 70 luxury jerky shops across Taiwan devoted to selling our HTY jerky so it’s exciting to introduce it to the American market with Costco,”  KaiYen Mai, CEO of HTY USA and daughter of HTY’s founders, said in a statement. “Launching our signature Sweet Beef Jerky is a culmination of decades of my family’s work to bring our traditional recipes and hand-crafted technique to bear and I'm proud to be a part of such a storied lineage, and even more excited to debut our renowned jerky to the American jerky audiences.”

HTY has a new US Dept. of Agriculture-inspected facility in US. The company will make the jerky products in small batches using only natural US raised-beef, whole muscle cuts and simple ingredients and spices, the company said.