The agency has analyzed feedback and developed key proposals.

OTTAWA, Ontario – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced several proposals aimed at improving the food-labeling system in Canada. The agency is now seeking feedback via an online survey for consumers and industry.

Among the options under consideration, CFIA is proposing to:

  • Declare an “Expiration Date” when food must be consumed before a certain date to ensure its safety, and a “Best Before Date” when an “Expiration Date” is not required.
  • Enhance dealer information and bring consistency to requirements by requiring the name of the CFIA license holder on all imported food, or food intended for interprovincial trade and include one of the following: a telephone number, email address, website or other means of communication between the license holder/dealer and consumer.
  • Require all wholly imported food products to include “Product of (naming the country)” information, on the principal display surface or adjacent to the dealer information.

The agency developed the proposals through a multiphase initiative that started in June 2013. In the first phase, CFIA asked consumers and food industry stakeholders to identify issues with the food labeling system. The second phase started in 2014 when the agency presented the public with suggested options that could lead to recommendations for modernizing Canada’s food labeling system.

The current survey, which marks the third phase of the labeling initiative, will be available online until Feb. 28, 2017. The CFIA will compile the survey results and post a report to the agency’s website.