Joe Stone
Joe Stone joins Cargill's board of directors in December. 

MINNEAPOLIS – Cargill’s chief risk officer and leader of its animal nutrition leadership team, Joe Stone, has been appointed to the Cargill board of directors, effective Dec. 1.

“Joe’s leadership at Cargill is distinguished by his strong focus on customers, innovation and delivering results,” said David MacLennan, Cargill’s chairman and CEO. “Since joining our company 31 years ago, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to developing people and a culture of teamwork and high performance.”

Stone joined the company in 1985 and held multiple positions in Cargill’s agricultural supply chain and global trading businesses in the US and Switzerland until 2005. After that, Stone joined the animal nutrition leadership team.

MacLennan continued: “He led two of our company’s most significant acquisitions: the $2 billion purchase in 2011 of Provimi, a global animal nutrition company, followed in 2015 by the $1.6 billion acquisition of EWOS, a global provider of salmon nutrition. Joe's strategic vision, track record of performance and dedication to people make him an excellent addition to the Cargill board.”

Stone currently serves on the board of the Engler School of Entrepreneurial Studies at the Univ. of Nebraska, is a member of the Campaign for Nebraska Advisory Board, and serves on the Univ. of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Business Board of Overseers. He holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from the Univ. of Nebraska.

Stone joins the 15-member board that includes independent directors Richard H. Anderson, retired chairman of Delta Air Lines Inc.; Louis R. Chênevert, retired chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corp.; Arthur D. Collins, Jr., retired chairman and CEO of Medtronic Inc.; Stephen J. Hemsley, CEO of UnitedHealth Group; Bernard Poussot, retired chairman, CEO and president of Wyeth; and Trudy Rautio, retired president and CEO of Carlson.