SHANGHAI – Yum China Holdings Inc. will grant restricted stock units to more than 6,000 restaurant general managers (RGMs) at KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Little Sheep and East Dawning restaurants owned and operated by Yum China.

Each eligible general manager will receive a one-time restricted stock unit grant of $2,000. The offering is a demonstration of Yum China’s commitment to the “RGM#1” culture.

“Yum China has always had a principle known as ‘RGM#1’ because they serve the most vital leadership role on the front line of our business, and the stock ownership program gives RGMs the opportunity to participate in the growth potential of this great company,” Micky Pant, CEO, said in a statement. “This program also aims to incentivize each RGM to continue to deliver the very highest standard of service to our customers and the best results of their restaurants.”