DALLAS – Somma Food Group announced the launch of the Chickentopia brand of fully cooked and uncured chicken franks and mini corn dogs. Part of a retail-inspired line of products, the new items were created to adhere to school nutrition guidelines while delivering taste to students.

The company partners with several large school districts around the country and says the hot dogs and mini corn dogs have the potential to positively impact school lunch menus across the country.

“We pride ourselves on only launching products that we are confident will succeed in the lunchroom and make a positive impact on students' meal choices,” said Kevin Potter, vice president of sales. “Schools have long been asking for a chicken hot dog and mini corn dog that meet school nutrition regulations, but still resemble options that kids see outside of school.”

The Chickentopia line’s clean label attributes include the utilization of chicken that has never, ever been given antibiotics and never, ever been fed animal byproducts. “When we started this process over six months ago, we knew we wouldn't stop until we made the best product out there,” said Gary Hamm, vice president of marketing for the hot dog and mini corn dog. “Both of these items are nitrate and nitrite free, contain less than 280mg of sodium and actually taste like a hot dog you'd pick up at the ballpark.”

In addition to its nitrate and nitrite free products, Somma Food Group has committed to not using fillers or mechanically separated chicken, ingredients commonly found in most hot dogs and corn dogs. The company hopes for the Chickentopia hot dogs and mini corn dogs to appear on school menus as early as next semester and is currently in talks with several of the country’s largest school districts.