Western Feedlots
Western Feedlots Ltd. is one of Canada’s largest cattle feeding operations.

HIGH RIVER, Alberta – Western Feedlots Ltd., one of the largest cattle feeders in Canada, announced the company is voluntarily winding down cattle ownership and feeding operations.

In a news release, Western said it would continue to feed and market all existing cattle in its feedlots. But once the animals are marketed the company will suspend feedlot operations. The closure is expected to impact big beef processors and ranchers looking to market young cattle. Canada is the sixth-largest beef exporter, and the province of Alberta is Canada’s leading cattle producer.

“Western will not be hiring employees, or purchasing feed grain or feeder cattle after that time,” the company said. “Western will continue farming operations for the foreseeable future. 

“Western’s shareholders chose this course of action due to the current high risk/low return environment in cattle ownership, which is inconsistent with shareholder objectives. In addition to strong headwinds in the cattle industry, the poor political and economic environment in Alberta are also contributing factors to this decision.”

Western Feedlots was established in 1958 as a custom feeding operation, according to the company’s website. The company intends to continue its farming operations.