Domino's can now order pizza on Facebook Messenger. 

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Domino’s Pizza customers no longer have to log out of Facebook to order a pizza. The pizza chain is now giving customers the ability to order via Facebook Messenger, using bot technology.

Domino’s customers who have already ordered pizza through the company’s digital ordering platform can place a pizza order using the Messenger app. The company has made it easier for customers who don’t already have a “Pizza Profile” to set one up.

“We know that customers spend a great deal of time messaging, so we knew the next place we needed to add ordering was via Messenger,” said Dennis Maloney, Domino’s vice president and chief digital officer. “Messenger allows customers to order conversationally with the help of Domino's bot. We hope this new option will continue to make ordering as simple and as convenient as possible.”

Facebook users can place or track an order by going to Domino’s Facebook page and clicking on “message” or they can search for Domino’s while they’re in the Messenger app. After doing so, customers will be sent to an ordering screen where they can start an “easy order,” reorder a recent order or track an existing order.

In the second quarter of 2016, Domino's had global retail sales of over $2.4 billion, with nearly $1.2 billion in the US and over $1.2 billion internationally. The chain has put a recent emphasis on technology innovation, which helped it achieve over 50 percent of US sales from digital channels at the end of 2015, and an estimated $4.7 billion annually in global digital sales. Domino’s online ordering app covers nearly 95 percent of the US smartphone market.