TORONTO — Officials from Maple Leaf Foods announced on Dec. 9 that the company has assembled five independent food safety experts to serve on its newly formed Food Safety Advisory Council. The establishment of the group is part of the company’s effort to utilize and apply the world’s leading research and expertise to its overall food safety strategy.

The council members include Dr. Harvey Anderson, Dr. Coin Dennis, Dr. Mansel Griffiths, Dr. Bruce Tompkin and John Weisgerber.

"The primary mandate of the Council is to challenge the status quo of Maple Leaf's food safety program so we continue to raise the bar ever higher," said Randy Huffman, Chief Food Safety Officer. "These individuals bring immense food safety knowledge to the Council and will support our commitment to becoming a global food safety leader."

The council will review and make recommendations on Maple Leaf’s overall food safety efforts as well as advise the company on emerging food-safety threats and provide training guidance for employees.