Wendy's Grilled Chicken Sandwich get a healthy makeover.

DUBLIN, Ohio – The Wendy’s Company has finished the redesign of its Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Starting with a multi-grain bun and all-white meat chicken breast marinated in herbs and seasonings, the new Grilled Chicken Sandwich is topped with spring mix, fresh-cut tomatoes and a smoky honey mustard sauce.

The new multi-grain bun includes a blend of red quinoa, bulgur wheat, millet, flax seed and oats for a nutty flavor with a touch of sweetness.

"When we set out to recreate this sandwich, our goal was a better-for-you option that delivered an unbelievable taste," said Carl Loredo, vice president of marketing and advertising at Wendy's. "It all starts with a juicier and more tender chicken fillet. We've added high-quality ingredients from top to bottom including a new multi-grain bun that delivers a deliciously different grilled chicken sandwich."

The sandwich will be a part of the everyday menu and a combo option including small drink and fries will be $5.00 at participating Wendy’s restaurants for the budget-minded consumer, the company said in a statement.