US Poultry

TUCKER, Ga. – The 2015 highly-pathogenic avian influenza outbreak prompted many meat and poultry companies to think about response and preparation to these types of incidents and how they could better communicate and work with federal agencies during such incidents.

All government agencies use a standardized approach and organized structure to respond to natural disasters, disease outbreaks and other crises through a system called the Incident Command System (ICS). While the private sector is not mandated to use the ICS like government agencies, companies familiar with the system are better prepared to anticipate and coordinate with responding agencies.

US Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) is releasing a guide in CD-ROM format that explains the purpose of incident response planning, gives a general outline of the ICS and includes a template for building an incident management team to help plan and track actions during an emergency incident. Georgia Tech Research Institute developed the materials in conjunction with input and review from USPOULTRY and the United Egg Producers.

USPOULTRY member companies may obtain the CD free of charge and non-members can purchase it for $200. Copies are available for online order here.