HOMEWOOD, Ill. —Old Wisconsin, the Sheboygan, Wisconsin-based subsidiary of Carl Buddig & Co., rolled out a customized, pedal-powered mobile smokehouse and began a product sampling tour on the streets of Chicago this summer.

Promoting the company’s variety of meat snack products, plans are to pedal the smokehouse to special events throughout the Midwest, the first of which was July 31 during the Packers Family Night in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Videotaped consumer reactions will be used as marketing elements on social media as the campaign will span eight Midwest markets through the end of October.

 Inside the smokehouse, which features a functioning wood-burning smokestack, consumers are able to sample bites and sticks, summer sausage, Natural Cut, and Big Smokey varieties.

 The company saw this as a creative marketing campaign to display its brands to consumers.

 “The mobile smokehouse was a perfect way to engage with our audience in an authentic way, place the product in consumers’ hands, generate trial, and review and leverage word of mouth to spread brand messaging,” said Jeff Weber, national brand manager at Old Wisconsin.