The Australian arm of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently launched a campaign to change the name of southern Tasmania’s Eggs and Bacon Bay. Instead, PETA Australia is seeking a vegan alternative — Apple and Cherry Bay.

“Considering the high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat in both eggs and bacon, the area may as well be called ‘Heart Attack Bay,’” said Ashley Fruno, PETA Australia associate director of campaigns. “The Huon Valley is famous for its delectable apples and cherries, so we are asking the council ‘WTF?’ — that’s ‘Where’s the fruit?’ — in the hope that it will apply to change the name to ‘Apple and Cherry Bay’ — which would promote not only local industry but also healthy eating and kindness to animals.”

Australian broadcaster ABC quoted a local resident identified as Doug saying, “There’s plenty of room in the world for them to go and annoy other people and leave us in peace.”

Eggs and Bacon Bay is thought to be the place where Lady Jane Franklin, the 18th century governor’s wife, was first served eggs and bacon.