KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Two items seem never to get old for meat and poultry lovers — bacon and barbecue.

Foodservice promotions featuring barbecue are increasingly common in the summer months, according to market research firm Technomic. Meanwhile, bacon and bacon flavor as ingredients continue to expand beyond the breakfast table into baking, confectionary, snacks and even cocktails.

MEAT+POULTRY and Bacon Business News have tried to capture the all the latest trends in bacon and barbecue by letting the folks on the frontlines of the food industry discuss what’s in, what’s out and what works for them. Herewith, our Top 5 podcasts.

1) Thrushwood Farms built on family farm vision: Doug and Jeff Hankes continue to innovate with meat snacks.

Thrushwood Farms, Galesburg, Illinois
Thrushwood Farms' Doug Hankes talks about the family lineage in this episode of the Meat+Poultry magazine podcast.


2) Meet the marketing brains behind Kansas City’s Bacon and Bourbon FestivalIn the third year of the event, 800 locals showed up to sample and sip.

Cleaver & Cork BLT Slider
The BLT Slider from Cleaver & Cork was among many bacon-centric items on offer at Kansas City’s Bacon and Bourbon Festival.


3) RJ’s low and slow approach to bacon: Rick Reams doesn’t rush to produce his premium products.

RJ's Meats, Reams family photo
Rick Reams, pictured with his family, discusses the process of creating hand-crafted bacon.


4) Judging barbecue: An author and BBQ fanatic eats his way across the US.

Johnny Fugitt traveled all over the US in pursuit of the 100 most smokin' barbecue restaurants.


5) Author shares her love for bacon: Food author, Eliza Cross, has written several books on food including the most recent one, which is focused on bacon.

Eliza Cross, author of  ‘101 Things to Do with Bacon’
Eliza Cross, author