McDonald's plans to roll out table service to more restaurants in the United Kingdom.  

LONDON – McDonald’s UK is beefing up its employment ranks as the chain prepares to expand table service to more restaurants. The additional jobs will bring the chain’s workforce to more than 110,000 employees.

“As a major UK employer, we have added more than 15,000 people to our workforce during the last five years as a result of our sustained business growth and long-term investment in recruitment and training,” Paul Pomeroy, CEO of McDonald’s UK, said in a statement. “Growth has been driven by investment and innovation in the restaurant experience, new restaurants and extended opening hours - over half of our stores are now open 24/7 throughout the week.”

Twelve restaurants around the UK served as testing grounds for the new service which was later rolled out to 400 locations this year.

“Innovations like table service where customers place their order via our new digital kiosks and have their food brought to them, are proving incredibly popular and in place in over 350 restaurants across the UK,” Pomeroy said.

In addition to the roll-out of table service, Pomeroy noted the chain is on track to convert an additional 250 stores to an updated concept that includes digital ordering kiosks.  Pomeroy noted that 500 restaurants have been updated so far.