Handtmann showed off its new vacuum filler at the Frankfurt show in May. 
FRANKFURT, Germany – Handtmann’s presence at the triennial IFFA show (held in Frankfurt, Germany May 4-9, 2016) is always hard to miss, and 2016 was no exception. It was easy to see what its biggest product rollout was this year: the formal unveiling of Handtmann’s revolutionary new VF 800 vacuum filler. Throughout its development, Handtmann’s twin goals were exceptional hygiene and increased longevity with improved accuracy. “Hygiene was our No. 1 design goal, but that same attention to detail can be seen in every phase of the VF 800’s performance,” said Patrick McGady, national sales manager in the US. The VF 800’s completely redesigned feed system, tighter tolerances, new materials and manufacturing processes mean that its longevity and accuracy set a new category standard for performance. “The VF 600 has been the industry standard for the past 12 years and we have now built on that performance level with over 100 new innovations,” McGady said.

The hygienic design is evident on every sloping surface and with patented new molding materials and designs to address areas of concern during changeovers and cleanup.

The VF 800 features a robust vacuum system and new vane cell feeding design that handles product with less friction and maximizes portion accuracy. Its new drive unit is equipped with heavy-duty components that deliver 200 percent more service life and 20 percent higher service intervals at 2,400 hours. Product quality parameters within the feed system are now automatically monitored and available through operator-friendly control screen displays.

The VF 800 is capable of connecting to a variety of auxiliary devices and innovative options that make it both flexible and customizable. The VF 800 vacuum filler series is available in five models and features five interchangeable hoppers in different sizes – split, single piece and even temperature controlled.

Grinding speed with the new GD 451 inline grinding system can be set independently from the product speed and operates with 45 percent more drive power and 110 percent higher torque than previous grinders so it delivers even its maximum filling capacity at lower temperatures.

Handtmann’s smart design options include a pre-cleaning system with a rotating nozzle above the hopper that does the initial wash down to reduce changeover and final cleaning downtime. It can be equipped with an optional UVC Degermination system that uses ultraviolet light to manage pathogens in the air used by the machine.

 Laser sensors track product levels in the hopper and automatically activate the system’s “quick lift and tip” function. The signal column also features a traffic lighting configuration that constantly communicates the VF 800’s operational status.

Handtmann’s new forming solution, the FS 520 with servo-driven flow divider, was also on display at IFFA. It features three forming knives and can produce meatballs, burger patties and cylindrical shapes with weights that are consistently accurate to the gram. The expanded Handtmann forming line now also includes the FS 521 and FS 522 models.

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