Eliza Cross, author of  ‘101 Things to Do with Bacon’
Eliza Cross, author

Recently, MEAT+POULTRY spoke with Eliza Cross, an author who’s written several books on food including the most recent one, which is focused on bacon. In fact, she has a new book coming out in September that is a sequel to a previous edition called “101 More Things to Do with Bacon.”

Cross is a passionate person in the food world and her love for bacon led her to establish BENSA — ( Bacon Enthusiasts ‘N Swine Aficionados), a forum for people who love bacon and want to share their thoughts on pork.

For this episode, MEAT+POULTRY talked to Cross about some of her favorite recipes from her latest book. There will be a more in-depth report about Cross and her new book a future Bacon Business News e-newsletter.