US Foods' sustainability and responsibly sourced category includes products such as Chef's Line All Natural Turkey Breast Roast, Harbor Banks Barramundi and Rykoff Sexton Non-GMO Canola Oil. 

ROSEMONT, Ill. – US Foods is promoting sustainability and responsibly sourced products in the company’s new “Serve Good” line. The 21 new items, which include cage-free eggs and antibiotic-free turkey meat, aim to help chefs and foodservice operators meet growing consumer demand for responsibly sourced and sustainable products.

The product lineup includes Chef’s Line All Natural Turkey Breast Roast, which is made from turkeys fed a vegetarian diet and raised without antibiotics. Other items include sustainably sourced, ocean-farmed whitefish, non-GMO canola oil and reusable travel cups.

“The demand for sustainable options when dining out continues to grow,” said Stacie Sopinka, vice president, product development and innovation. “In fact, nearly 70 percent of diners say they would have a better impression of a restaurant that offered sustainable foods. With the high-quality, on-trend and sustainable items in Serve Good, we can help our customers deliver what their diners want and stay competitive in this changing marketplace.”

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