WICHITA, Kan. – Cargill has committed to staying in Wichita for a minimum of 15 years in return for nearly $10 million in tax incentives over a 10-year period from state and local government, the Associated Press reported.

An open records request by the AP revealed tax abatements and sales tax incentives from the state, county, city and school district, but no cash incentives. The city of Wichita has agreed to provide industrial revenue bonds for a new facility plus an estimated $6 million in bonds for equipment and machinery, AP reported. Additionally, Wichita might pay half the cost of Cargill’s $15 million parking garage.

The Kansas headquarters of Cargill has been located at 151 N. Main Street in Wichita for 30 years. Most of the 900 employees that work in its Wichita-based operations are located in a 10-story building. Reports of a possible move surfaced in March.

Cargill is based in Minneapolis. The company’s offices there are undergoing renovations with more open spaces and fewer cubicles in an effort to appeal to young professionals and millennials.

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