DENVER – Continental Sausage Inc. announces a complete and comprehensive rebranding, calling the new product line Charc?tNuvo (Shar-koot-noo-voh) with new tagline, Redefining Classic Charcuterie, and a new website, The new name combines the words charcuterie and new.

The company rebranded as part of an ongoing process to bolster manufacturing, staffing and marketing to meet the growing demand for products in Whole Foods Market, Costco and other key specialty retailers and wholesalers.

Eric and Jessica Gutknecht took over the family business in 2003 and their goal since has been to build operational systems to support growth. The company has seen a 500 percent increase in revenues as well as rewards from industry and consumer organizations and publications. “That has paved the way for our need to invest in updating our branding, as we’ve generated much more visibility in an increasingly competitive environment,” explained CEO Eric Gutknecht.

Continental Sausage mandated the rebrand to more accurately showcase attributes of the company and product to its loyal customers and retailers. Denver-based branding staging firm, Get Stirred Up led the initiative based on the growing number of consumers that seek out adventurous flavors and better for you ingredients, said David Roth, co-founder of Get Stirred Up.

The rebrand incorporates new product packaging and an advertising campaign showcasing the Charc?tNuvo’s inventive products such as Smoked Buffalo and Pork Jalapeño Cheddar Bratwurst, Mac-n-Cheese Furter and Jackalope Sausage.