Glenora Distillery Glen Breton whiskey and Maple Leaf Foods Canadian Craft Whisky Apple Bacon
Maple Leaf Foods Canadian Craft Whisky and Apple Bacon features a special blend of whiskey created by Nova Scotia-based Glenora Distillery.
It took six months for collaboration between Maple Leaf Foods and Glenora Distillery to bear whiskey-flavored bacon.

Maple Leaf Foods recently launched a new line of artisanal meats called Canadian Craft, which includes Canadian Whisky and Apple Bacon. Glenora, which is located in Glenville, Inverness Co., Nova Scotia, created the whiskey blend that flavors the bacon.

Michael McCain, CEO of Maple Leaf Foods Inc.
Michael McCain, CEO of Maple Leaf Foods
Maple Leaf Foods CEO Michael McCain said during a May 4 call with analysts that Canadian Craft is designed to leverage Maple Leaf Foods' reputation to create a distinctive line of artisanal premium products that are accessible and have wide consumer appeal.

“It takes the nationalist credentials of Maple Leaf and puts Canadian right in the name, drawing on iconic foods from across the country to inspire the recipes,” McCain explained. “They truly are fantastic products.

“They’re all made with simpler natural ingredients, and I think they’re amongst the best tasting products we’ve ever developed,” he added. “We expect a very strong consumer response to Canadian Craft, which is being unveiled in retail stores across the country over the coming weeks and the early indications are extraordinarily positive.”

Speaking to theCape Breton Post, Lauchie McClean said the distillery has been looking for innovative ways to bring Glenora whiskey to consumers. Past innovations including Glenora whiskey include maple syrup, chocolate and fudge.

McClean said Glenora ships 100 cases of whiskey per month to Maple Leaf Foods’ production facility.