Wild Planet Organic Roasted Chicken
Here is the picture of the new Organic Roasted Chicken Breast can. 
MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. – Wild Planet Foods has announced the launch of its new Organic Roasted Chicken Breast. The company is best known for producing sustainable seafood and its dedication to protecting the oceans and ethical sourcing practices.


Wild Planet’s first non-seafood item comes from USDA Certified Organic free-range chickens that are fed an organic diet with non-GMO corn that’s grown on chemical fertilizer-, pesticide-, and herbicide-free land.

“Our new chicken, along with all future land-based items that will follow from Wild Planet Foods, is sourced from organically operated farms — which is essentially the land-based equivalent of pole and line fishing,” said founder of Wild Planet Foods, Bill Carvalho. “At Wild Planet, we believe there is really no difference between being a steward of the land as well as the sea. It’s a known fact that chemical runoff from conventional farming practices has had a negative effect on our waterways which ultimately lead to our oceans — creating dead zones that make it impossible for sea life to survive. Offering products like our new Roasted Chicken Breast not only allows Wild Planet the privilege of supporting and advocating for organic farms and farmers,  but it’s also a step towards keeping our waterways and oceans healthy and supportive of a viable, healthy marine environment.”

Containing only chicken and sea salt with a no salt version available, the product contains 40 percent more chicken than other 5-oz. can offerings because it’s prepared with no added water, liquid or fillers, according to a statement from Wild Planet Foods.

The Organic Roasted Chicken is available at natural food stores and supermarkets nationwide for an MSRP of $5.49 per 5-oz. can.