Here is an example of Jack Link's new marketing campaign. 

MINONG, Wis. – Jack Link’s is breaking out its latest creative marketing campaign called Hangry Hacks. 

Just like the famous Feed Your Wild Side branding, Jack Link’s will be marketing this new slogan with a mixture of social media and nationally aired television commercials featuring popular YouTube personalities.

“We’ve all had those flashes of insanity caused by debilitating hunger, whether in the office, at the gym or while driving, and we wanted to show how to hack that hanger with Jack Link’s,” said Kevin Papacek, director of marketing at Jack Link’s. “Our Hangry campaign is a favorite among fans because it’s a universal feeling, and this year we’re turning it up with creative, wild hacks that can tackle any hangry moment.”

Several of the commercials feature people in a fit of rage because they are hungry. Once the hunger subsides thanks to Jack Link’s beef jerky they return to a normal, calm state.

Here is one example of the campaign. 



The rest can be seen on Jack Link’s YouTube channel. Fans will also be able to vote for their favorite Hangry Hack on Jack Link’s social media channels.