Johnsonville is working on reducing its carbon foot print. 
SHEBOYGAN FALLS, Wis. – Johnsonville Sausage has transitioned the company’s fresh meat packaging to a polystyrene foam tray made with 25 percent recycled material. Previously, the company used 100 percent polystyrene trays.


Cascades, the vendor Johnsonville uses for its trays, produces the EVOK packaging which is expected to help Johnsonville leave a smaller carbon foot print.

“Our members (employees) are empowered to propose and implement continuous improvement initiatives across many areas of our organization, and we’re always excited to see these ideas come to light,” said Dave Nicholson, of Johnsonville’s R&D department. “Many passionate Johnsonville members have implemented such improvements that have significantly reduced our waste, energy and water use.”

This isn’t the first time Johnsonville has changed Cascades’ foam trays. In 2010, Johnsonville changed the shape of polystyrene trays used for fresh bratwurst and Italian sausages. The switch resulted in 6 percent less packaging use per tray.  

Johnsonville will use EVOK packaging on all of its fresh meats, including bratwurst; Italian links and ground sausages; Johnsonville Naturals; breakfast patties and links; fresh grillers; and its new chicken kabobs.