AUSTIN, Minn. – Hormel Foods Corp.’s latest marketing campaign aims to make woodsmen out of woodsmen wannabes.

The makers of Dinty Moore Stew engaged a partnership with STIHL Timbersports to transform a group of “lumbersexuals” — “…typically spotted in fitted flannel and trendy lace-up boots with freshly trimmed beards to match…”— into lumberjacks.

The company launched a search for a team of lumbersexuals to train with professional lumberjacks in skills such as logging and forestry.

“We’re thrilled to partner with STIHL Timbersports and expose fans of Dinty Moore stew to the rigorous, disciplined and exciting journey of becoming a lumberjack,” Nicole M. Austinson, Dinty Moore brand manager, said in a news release. “The lumberjack spirit has been a part of our brand from the beginning, starting with our animated character that appeared on our product labels and in our ads, so it seemed fitting to become a part of this great competition and salute our heritage.”

The lumbersexual team — Lumber Michael, Lumber Jamin, Lumber Ben, and Lumber Ian — completed their training and will compete at the STIHL Timbersports  Series US Pro and Collegiate Championships on July 15 in Chicago Southland. The competition features the top lumberjack athletes from across the country in axing, sawing and chopping competitions.

“Exposing real people to the world of lumberjacking is a great opportunity for our sport, as it shows the true discipline, hard work and commitment of our athletes,” said Brad Sorgen, STIHL Timbersports Series executive producer. “What started as a small, passionate, niche sport for professional lumberjacks has grown into a sport with global popularity, so we’re excited to see if these guys have what it takes to compete.”