WACO, Texas – A state district court in Waco approved a settlement of a lawsuit lodged by a family against Sanderson Farms, the Waco Tribune reported. A woman and her two sons were injured when a Sanderson Farms truck crashed into the back of their car three years ago.

Judge Vicki Menard of the 414th State District Court approved the $27.5 million settlement. Three insurance companies are involved in the transaction; the proceeds will be divided among three trust accounts that will provide for the boys’ long-term healthcare and educational needs.

The accident occurred in November 2013. According to the report, Joshua Frank Perkins was driving 57 mph when he rear-ended the back of the plaintiff’s car. In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs allege that Perkins told his girlfriend he fell asleep at the wheel and struck the woman’s car which was knocked into oncoming traffic and hit by a van.

The mother suffered a compound fracture to her arm and other injuries. Her youngest son, who was two weeks old at the time, suffered severe brain damage. The oldest boy, who was 2, suffered minor injuries.