Wellence FR acts an oil barrier in batters and breadings during frying.
MIDLAND, MICH. — Dow Food Solutions has introduced Wellence FR, a fat reduction ingredient from a new production line in Midland. Wellence FR features a patented technology designed to decrease the amount of fat and oil uptake in fried foods, according to Dow Food Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Co.

When added to a batter or coating system, Wellence FR may decrease fat and associated calories by 35 percent or more, and the process has minimal impact on the sensory profile of foods, according to the company.

Marc Van Gerwen, business director for Dow Pharma & Food Solutions

“Consumers are looking for healthier food options, and we can help our customers meet this demand with a tailored option that’s easy to implement,” said Marc Van Gerwen, business director for Dow Pharma & Food Solutions. “The new technology can be incorporated into production and yield great results from bench top to pilot plant to full scale production runs.”

Wellence FR acts as an oil barrier during frying, said Michiel Van Genugten, global marketing leader for Dow Food Solutions. Wellence FR, a range of cellulose-based food gums, is based on Dow’s patented DPM technology. Mr. Van Genugten said the technology allows dried powders to dissolve in the best way possible. For example, the technology will keep lumps from forming and assist in other issues with mixing and blending.

Coated and battered meat and meat analogues are one potential application for Wellence FR. Mr. Van Genugten said fried snack foods, such as those containing potatoes, might be another.

Dow Food Solutions will feature Wellence FR at the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and food exposition July 16-19 in Chicago.

“Wellence FR can help food manufacturers position their products as more health-conscious and still give the consumer the flavor and texture that they associate with their favorite fried foods,” said Chris Spontelli, marketing manager for Dow Food Solutions.