Lehigh Valley IronPigs baseball uniform
A partnership of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs and Majestic uniforms put bacon in the baseball diamond. (Photo: Majestic)

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs are pulling out all the stops on Saturdays this year for their minor league baseball games. The organization will sport Bacon USA jerseys thanks to a partnership with Majestic uniforms.

The IronPigs wore similar jerseys in 2014, but have now doubled down in 2016. Every Saturday, the Philadelphia Phillies Triple-A affiliate will don bacon-clad jerseys as well as a hat with a bacon strip on it.

Jon Schaeffer, vice president of media and communications for the team, explained how big of a hit the uniforms were a few years ago and how the club has embraced the bacon identity.

Lehigh Valley IronPigs baseball cap
The IronPigs uniforms are hit with minor league baseball fans. (Photo: Majestic)

“You throw a lot of ideas on the wall and see what sticks,” he said of the bacon uniforms. “I remember thinking the idea was so wacky and so unique that I had a feeling it was going to take off.”

And now the fans have bought into the Bacon USA brand and it’s become a staple of the minor league’s identity.

“We’ve really gone all in on this being not just the place where the IronPigs wear bacon uniforms on Saturday night,” Schaeffer said.

Lehigh Valley IronPigs patch
The IronPigs are taking suggestions for more ways the team can celebrate bacon. (Photo: Majestic)

So the IronPigs will carry the flag of bacon pride proudly this year and are happy to hear suggestions on other ways to celebrate bacon.

“If you’ve got an idea for bacon we’re open to hear it,” Schaeffer said with a laugh.