Ol’ Major Bacon Bourbon
Brothers Nick and Zack Chen launched Ol’ Major Bacon Bourbon with help from Kickstarter.

Branded Spirits USA recently launched what it’s touting as the very first bacon bourbon in the United States — Ol’ Major Bacon Bourbon.

The concoction is the creation of brothers Nick and Zack Chen, who developed the recipe for their bacon bourbon and later launched a Kickstarter campaign to pay for blending, bottling, labeling and other expenses, according to the Bacon Bourbon campaign page.

The brothers successfully raised $37,285 with 105 backers and launched the bourbon in August 2015 in Nashville, where the brew is bottled, and Lexington, Kentucky. Ol’ Major Bacon Bourbon is made using a proprietary process of pressure infusion to combine the bourbon and bacon flavors.
The brothers are now working to expand distribution of their bourbon.

“We knew people would love our product,” Nick Chen said in a news release. “What we didn’t know is that it would grow so darn fast!”