The next best thing to actual bacon, is bacon art — at least according to St. Louis graphic designer and owner of Benton Park PrINTS, Daniel Jones. The artist sells “bacon prints” both online and in local gift shops in St. Louis.

After years of doing web design for area businesses and corporations, Jones said he wanted to switch gears and start doing something fun – so he started making his bacon prints in 2012. His typography prints feature pictures and phrases all relating to bacon.

The prints include the following phrases: “Bacon is duct tape for the kitchen,” “Bacon makes the world taste better,” “You’re bacon me crazy” and “Bacon Rock Scissors – Rock beats scissors. Bacon beats all.”
“Within two months [of starting to sell his prints], the Food Network asked if they could use them, and it just took off like crazy,” Jones said.

The prints can be purchased at Jones’ online Etsy store or at Local Lucy’s in Belleville, Mo., or at the Missouri History Museum gift shop. Prices range from $14 to $80 for 8-by-10-inch to giant poster prints, respectively.