Hearty Cuts with Gravy pet food
CORE Heart Cuts will be another addition to the WellnessNatural brand.

TEWKSBURY, Mass. and ORLANDO, Fla.– In the continued trend of better-for-your-pet foods, WellnessNatural introduced CORE Heart Cuts for cats and dogs. It features grain-free meals with gourmet meat cuts surrounded by savory gravy,  combined with superfoods.

“Our Wellness CORE line continues to grow in popularity and in its offerings, adding Hearty Cuts as a protein-packed wet food for dogs and cats. All recipes include quality proteins like beef, venison, turkey, duck or salmon, balanced with fresh produce like spinach, sweet potatoes, and kale,” said Chanda Leary-Coutu, senior marketing communications manager at WellPet.

These items are available in  12.5-Oz. cans and come in a variety of flavors for dogs including Beef & Venison, Turkey & Duck, and Whitefish & Salmon.

There are four flavors for cats under the CORE Hearty Cuts including, Shredded Whitefish & Salmon and Chicken & Tuna. They come in 5.5-oz. cans.

Also, Wellness Natural Pet Foods partnered with TerraCycle to revamp the CORE dry dog food packaging and help support long-term sustainability. The formulas with the new packaging include CORE Original, Reduced Fat, Puppy, Large Breed, Ocean and Wild Game recipes.

”Pet parents are becoming more informed about the benefits of grain-free recipes and the importance of high-quality proteins for their pets,” Chanda said. “We've included information on our Wellness CORE dry food packaging that speaks to these visible pet health benefits, including whole body health, muscle tone, and lean muscle mass.”

The updated bags will feature prominent callouts communicating some of the benefits of the food, including leaner body mass and improved muscle tone.