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The Wahlberg's plan to open more than 30 new Wahlburgers restaurants.

BOSTON – The Massachusetts born and bred Wahlberg’s are taking on a new  endeavor.

Wahlburgers, founded by chef Paul Wahlberg and celebrity brothers Mark and Donnie, announced franchise deals with five new franchise groups to open over 30 stores.

The major metro markets the group is targeting are Massachusetts, California, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina and South Carolina. Seven restaurants are open now, with three more slated within the next few months in Boston's Logan Airport, Las Vegas and Philadelphia.

Currently the Wahlberg’s have 12 area development deals, including two airports, committing franchise groups to a total of 118 Wahlburgers over the next several years.

"We are on the road to bringing Wahlburgers to a city near you," Mark Wahlberg said. "We've created this family business with a mission to welcome families and friends from around the world to a place where they can break bread, enjoy some great food and lots of laughs."

According to CEO Rick Vanzura, a new Massachusetts development group, including Wahlberg family members, will open five to 10 more restaurants in the state, including one in Dorchester, the brothers' hometown.  Four restaurants are planned for the Carolinas in Charleston, Charlotte and Myrtle Beach. 

The greater Atlanta metro area and Savannah will be home to six restaurants, and six are slated to open in Cleveland and Detroit. Eight are planned for the Northern California area, and a 15-store agreement was signed for Los Angeles in January.

"As we pick up the pace of our national expansion, we are pleased to be working with a group of experienced franchisees who have histories of running multiple units successfully," Vanzura explained.  "We're glad that they are embracing the brand and thank them and the millions of Wahlburgers fans who are contributing to our early success."