al fresco brand uncured chicken bacon
Kayem Foods added uncured chicken bacon products to it lineup of more than 500 items.

Chicken sausage products are what put al fresco on the map. But now the brand that encourages consumers to “eat better” has entered the bacon market.

The company has now added fully cooked uncured chicken bacon and ready-to-cook uncured chicken bacon to its product lineup. Both bacon products are made from chicken thigh meat and contain no nitrates or nitrites, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

al fresco all natural is manufactured by Kayem Foods, Inc. the largest meat processor in New England, making more than 500 products under eight brand names. Based in Chelsea, Massachusetts, the privately held and operated company has been owned and operated by the same family since 1909.
Customers and bacon lovers alike are singing its praises:

“I gave up pork and beef 5 years ago and this is the closest thing I've found to real pork bacon. Turkey bacon is okay but doesn't compare to this stuff and you can't cook it in 40 seconds like al fresco chicken bacon,” one customer said.

“My family and I are so impressed with this bacon. So much more flavorful and delicious than turkey bacon and 30 calories a slice!” another said.