Arrowsight is expanding the use of remote video auditing to additional OSI plants in the US.

AURORA, Ill. – OSI Group LLC, a leading supplier of protein and food products to foodservice and retail customers throughout the world and the first food processing company to adopt Arrowsight remote video auditing (RVA) technology, announced plans to implement additional third-party video monitoring services provided by Arrowsight Inc., in all of its US-based processing facilities. The partnership will supplement OSI’s food safety and quality standards by providing video surveillance of more of its processing plants from Arrowsight’s technology-rich monitoring facility in Huntsville, Alabama. From there, trained auditors are able to provide real-time feedback and alert plant supervisors when video footage indicates OSI’s predetermined food safety or quality performance standards are not maintained. OSI is a privately held company that operates more than 60 facilities in 16 countries and the latest agreement provides the basis to expand the implementation of Arrowsight RVA services to the company’s operations outside the US.

“We are proud to take this step to further utilize the latest cutting-edge technology to continue to enhance our food safety and quality systems,” said OSI President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald. He added that OSI and Arrowsight’s partnership to utilize RVA as a food-defense tool dates back to 2005. “We’re pleased to continue to drive new standards in the critically important area of food defense,” he added.

Dr. Kenneth Petersen, OSI’s senior vice president of quality and regulatory affairs says the benefits of RVA technology are applicable throughout OSI’s processes, from ensuring in-plant food-safety standards are being followed to serving as confirmation that shipping trailers are sealed and secure.  

“The multipoint RVA capability provides OSI with a unique means to verify consistent and effective implementation of our food safety systems,” Petersen said.  

Having worked with many of the industry’s large processing companies for the past 10-plus years to deliver food safety and quality solutions using RVA technology, Arrowsight’s track record is tried and true, said Adam Aronson, CEO of Arrowsight.

“By auditing performance through the use of RVA and providing employees with immediate feedback while they work, OSI will be able to continually improve safety and efficiency at all of its plant operations in the US,” he said. “This RVA technology is a proven method for companies to better protect their food products."