Canadian bacon
McNeil @Reflog_18 said he could never be Canadian because “Their “bacon” is just ham.”

Donald Trump has emerged as the top contender for the Republican presidential nomination, and this has led to a surge in Americans looking to relocate north to Canada. But it appears some “Yanks” are holding their ground, according to #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian on Twitter.

Bacon seemed to be a motivating factor for staying put. McNeil @Reflog_18 wrote “Their “bacon” is just ham,” while Jaguarjin@jaguarjin wrote “because Canadian bacon isn’t really bacon!”

Canadian beer fridge
Beer and bacon make a good pair no matter where you live.

But compelling arguments were made in favor of living in Canada. Laurie Reece@CndnSheepdog wrote: “Why don’t you want to be Canadian? We have the best beer fridges.”