M&M Meat Market is now M&M Food Market
M&M Meat shops are putting out a  new look for the company.  

TORONTO – M&M Meat shops began rebranding itself as M&M Food Market at the beginning of March this year. In addition to the change in name, the Canadian frozen food brand’s reinvention centers on the brand’s promise of “helping you make real food for real life.”

"The focus on ‘helping you make real food for real life’ means helping customers put food on the table that they can feel good about,” says Andy O'Brien, CEO, M&M Food Market. “This includes the types of meals offered and the ingredients within them; food that helps consumers make mealtime happen, with inspiring ideas and simpler preparation and options for everyone at the table, for all occasions."

The rebrand will include changes to all elements of the brand experience with new exterior store signage, more than 100 new and improved products and packaging that features appetizing food images and stories to go with the product. Stores will employ expert meal advisors to enhance the shopper experience and be organized by category for further simplification. The new overall store concept and more consumer-centric category assortment will roll out across Canada.

M&M Food Market’s online ordering platform, eOrder, will receive an increased focus on a new website that allows customers to order online and pick up instore. An improved communications strategy and advertising campaign will support all of these elements and bring to life what the new brand has to offer Canadian shoppers this summer.

Main courses, sides and appetizers will address the changing needs of Canadians with quick, accessible and diverse meal options. The frozen food chain is determined to give Canadian consumers delicious and creative meal solutions that address any situation.

"While most Canadians are making meals at home and the weeknight meal challenge still exists, our research found that M&M isn't top-of-mind when it comes to everyday foods," O'Brien says. "This reinvention gives M&M Food Market an opportunity to differentiate ourselves through food quality, variety and a convenient customer experience to help Canadians solve these mealtime challenges."

The new strategy targets both existing and new customers with the new name on flyers distributed throughout Canada weekly along with the new website and social media platforms. Store renovations, instore staff training programs and the entire rebranding campaign will culminate this summer.

"M&M Food Market is committed to providing delicious, balanced meals our customers can feel good about, even when the demands of everyday life make this challenging," O'Brien says. "We're looking forward to helping our customers achieve success at mealtime and to feeding more Canadians than ever before."

M&M Food Market is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, with locations in all 10 provinces, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. It’s been recognized as one of Canada’s 50 best managed companies for 10 years in a row and offers frozen appetizers, seafood, meats and poultry, prepared meals, fruits and vegetables, sides, bakery and desserts, and ranges in format from individual portions to family-sized options.