White Castle
White Castle has redesigned its new mobile app.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – White Castle introduced on Feb. 25 the redesigned mobile app that is set to save time and money, and those craving convenience according to the company’s release.

"As a brand, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, evolve and keep up with ever-changing trends," said Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle. "Our revamped mobile app makes it easier than ever for our customers to order our menu items, right from their smartphones." 

In 2012, White Castle introduced its original version of the mobile app, making them one of the first quick-service hamburger restaurants to offer a mobile app for ordering food. This app, like the original version, is set up save customers time and provides a place to have customized orders.  

"We think our customers will really love the newly redesigned app and we're looking forward to hearing their feedback," Richardson said. "And while offering our Cravers a more user-friendly app was highly important to us, we wanted to do more because we truly value their loyalty and support of the White Castle brand. That's why in addition to convenience, we're offering our Cravers a way to save money, too."

To entice people to order on the app, White Castle is giving those who order online or through the mobile app a sack of 10 Original Sliders for just $5.

The White Castle mobile app is available for free download now on the app store. In addition to ordering through the mobile app, White Castle also accepts mobile payments via Apple Pay and Android Pay.