Former President George W. Bush, stumping for his brother, Jeb, in South Carolina just after Valentine’s Day, related a story that had a little bit of everything: bacon, manure and animal rights activists.  

Ham House logo
Even PETA couldn't ruin the Ham House's bacon.

Just days before the South Carolina presidential primary, the elder Bush shared a story about a memorable breakfast he had eaten at Tommy’s Country Ham House in South Carolina years ago. Bush’s presence apparently got the attention of representatives from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, based on what he saw outside the eatery.

“I was eating some bacon,” Bush said. “When I looked out the window and a PETA protester dressed as a pig pulled up in a dump truck. He unloaded a huge load of manure in the parking lot to try to prevent me from leaving.”

Undeterred from enjoying his meal, Bush says the delicious bacon overshadowed the attention seeker.

“Let me tell you something about the Ham House,” Bush said, “even a steaming pile of manure can’t ruin their good bacon.”