Arby's sliders
Arby’s produced record system-wide sales in 2015.

ATLANTA – Arby’s Restaurant group continued to show steady growth in 2015.

According to the NPD Group/SalesTrack Weekly reports, the company achieved an industry-leading same-store sales (SSS) growth last year — more than three times the growth of competitors in the quick-service restaurant business.

In 2015, Arby’s produced record system-wide sales of more than $3.5 billion, and posted the highest 1-year (8.1 percent), 2-year (13.8 percent), and 3-year (16.6 percent) SSS comps for the Arby's system in more than 20 years.

“2015 was a record-setting year for Arby’s,” Paul Brown, CEO of Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. said. “We are particularly pleased with our significant increase in guest traffic throughout the year. Our industry outperformance in 2015 puts us in a strong position to achieve our 2018 goal of $4 billion in system-wide total sales.”

Arby’s opened 69 new restaurants system-wide last year including 60 new restaurants in the US — the highest number since 2008. Arby’s said this growth was fueled by the “Menu of Venues” approach to restaurant design, which offers a vibrant array of architectural options to fit into several types of trade areas and retail spaces.

Arby’s also remodeled 179 locations throughout its system and upped its guest service culture through its investment of the Brand Champ program, reaching nearly 70,000 employees from company-owned and franchised restaurants.

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