Steven Raichlen recently listed five barbecue trends for 2016 that include bacon.
Steven Raichlen predicts home made bacon will become more popular. (Photo:

Steven Raichlen, author of the Barbecue! Bible cookbook series, recently listed five barbecue trends for 2016 on his website at They include a nod to barbecue and bacon.

Raichlen predicts that smoking will be the new grilling in 2016 – and that more people will smoke their own bacon in the comforts of their backyards.

“Yeah, I know, we’ve been in the throes of bacon mania for more than a decade, Raichlen writes. “But beyond bacon jam, bacon weaves and bacon brownies, we’re doing something new with bacon. We’re actually making it from scratch at home. Whole Foods now sells pork bellies and now carries Prague Powder (an essential curing salt). And thanks to the new digitally controlled smokers that maintain consistent warm smoke temperatures of 160 degrees, smoking your own bacon is a cinch. As for what to do with your smoky masterpiece: two of our most popular recipes on are the onion bomb and bacon-wrapped onion rings.”